1. The Most Stringent Quality

BURDY Biotechnology Lab uses top modern technology.
From R&Dto manufacture, all have to receive the most stringent
international quality authentication『ISO-9001』 to check;
The progress allreflects technological、modern structure,
and the perfect claim of quality.

1.Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis
2.Sampling Analysis
3.Stability Testing
4.CFU Inspection
5.Sample Comparison

2. Big Data Sharing – Blue Cloud Economy
Innovation + Knowledge = Highly Competitive!

3. Professional R&D

  • . BURDY constantly obtain the newest and best international material, and innovative research.

  • . All products must pass more than hundred times of experiments and add hyperactivity materials to present the best products.

  • . The perfect customize service. Choosing unique hyperactivity materials、fragrance and property to create your unique products.